Notor #21 Refill 2021

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All-In-One Daily Desk Diary
12 months, January to December
white paper, 64 g
sewn binding
attached address section

43/4 x 6 3/4” = 12 x 17 cm

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NOTOR 2019 - New Page Design
Written by Linda Arlen on 28th Nov 2018

I have LOVED my NOTOR for the last several years and would not hesitate to give it (5) stars! I am not a fan of the new page design for 2019. I noticed the changes immediately when I went online to order my 2019 refill. I was hoping the vendor just had the incorrect image associated with NOTOR, but my 2019 refill arrived as shown. Although the presentation of NOTOR 2019 looks cleaner and crisper, I'm not sure it is as functional as past editions. NOTOR 2019 is missing the "highlighted" DATE , PRIORITY and NOTE boxes... which make for easy quick scanning - not just when starting on an empty page or locating a date, but also finding specific notes/priorities entered in those spaces.... much harder to distinguish from the information entered on the rest of the page! Additionally, without the "highlighting" of the date and priorty boxes, the print on the opposite side of the same page bleeds through enough to be a little annoying. I realize my eyes are aging, but the font size in the 2019 is smaller overall (ie. you can barely see the word "Priority", even with glasses!). Additionally, the new font style is more difficult to see in the 2019. In past years, the date (letters and numbers) were of a more substantial size/font type and easier to see. In the 2019, I'm finding my eyes constantly searching the page. This may simply be because the layout has changed and it will take a little time to adjust, however, I'm fairly sure the change in font size and font style (with much thinner lines) is just simply harder on the eyes. Maybe your saving on ink, or maybe I'm just getting old.... but as a loyal customer, I honestly am not happy or excited by the changes to NOTOR 2019. I hope you find With respect, LA

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